How To: Build a hipster 'fixie' track bike

Build a hipster 'fixie' track bike

The first part is the trailer for a fixie feature from track bike legionnaires, MASH SF.

The second is a video by Bre Pettis. This instructional DIY video shows you how to build a single speed fixed-gear or 'fixie' bicycle. Using old parts, build a bicycle effective for flat grounds. It looks like a lot of work, but if you have the tools, it should be relatively inexpensive. Learn aside Bre Pettis and Make Magazine.

It's hip, it's cool, it can be made in a weekend. Look for a frame with horizontal drop outs (the groove where the back tire fits in) so you can tighten the chain.

Download the PDF for further instructions:
Watch this video tutorial and learn how to build a fixed gear bicycle.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Build a hipster 'fixie' track bike, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Build a hipster 'fixie' track bike

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cool video !!!!!

check :21 of VIDEO ONE
that guy flips all the way over his handlebars@!!!
bomb hills with caution

Dude idk where the #$%@ you live (Manhattan?) but there are NO Fuji frames in the dumpsters of D.C. I call BS. Still nice vid.

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