How To: Change a mountain bike tire out on the trail

Change a mountain bike tire out on the trail

This video shows you how to quickly change a mountain bike tire out on the trail. Remove the wheel from the fork. The tools you need are a pump, mini tool,

a patch kit, a lever, and a spare tube. Remove the valve nut. Position the lever under the bead of the tire and work it around the rim to remove one side of the tire from the rim. Remove the tube from the rim. Inspect the tire for debris, glass, or thorns that would damage the new tube. Open the tube valve and put some air into the tube to make for an easy installation. Put the valve in the valve hole first and work the tube into the tire. Start at the valve hole of the rim and squeeze the bead back into the rim. Check that the valve moves freely, the tube isn't pinched, and the tire is seated correctly. Inflate it. Close the valve and reinstall the valve nut and the tire.

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