How To: Choose a bicycle helmet

Choose a bicycle helmet

In this how-to video, you will learn how to choose a proper bicycle helmet. They are the most important safety equipment a cyclist owns. Picking the right helmet starts with understanding what a helmet consists of. The micro shell is the thin tough layer that covers and protects the interior of the helmet. It absorbs the impacts of the helmet. The adjustable retention system consists of 2 straps. The chin strap goes across your chin and the other goes across the back of your head. The vents are molded into the foam and provide ventilation. Expensive helmets have more sophisticated retention systems and are much lighter. The micro shell is molded rather than glued, creating lighter weight and stronger construction. Many are designed for specific activities such as time trials, cross country mountain biking, down-hill racing, and road riding. Pick a price range and the activity. Road activity has more vents, mountain biking usually include visors, and downhill helmets have open face construction. BMX helmets have fewer vents, fit lower on the head, and are built for impact. Make sure the helmets have the safety certification inside. Make sure it is comfortable, and have it adjusted by the salesman or yourself. It should be level and the front edge should barely be visible. Adjust the straps. Adjust the rear retention device until it is snug. Make sure the helmet does not move more than an inch if you move it with the palm of your hand. Move your head around to make sure the helmet does not dislodge. By viewing this video, you will know what to look for the next time you are out shopping for a proper bicycle helmet.

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