How To: Install an LED light on your bicycle.

Install an LED light on your bicycle.

Safety is important. If you are going to be riding a bike at night, make sure you are wearing light colored clothing and that you have lights. Lights help cars and other cyclists see you in the dark so you stay safe.
You Will Need
• LED bike light
• A bicycle

Step 1: Install bracket
Wrap the strap on the mounting bracket under and around the handlebar.
Mount the bracket as close to the stem as possible, but make sure that it will not be in the way of the brake or shifter.

Step 2: Loop the strap
Feed the strap into the loop on the mounting bracket.

Step 3: Tighten
Tighten the strap.
Don't over-tighten the strap, but make sure you tighten it enough so that the strap won't slip.

Step 4: Snap the tail
Snap the strap securely onto the post, and you're ready to hit the road.

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