How To: Perform four great stretches before a bike ride

Perform four great stretches before a bike ride

If you're a beginner when it comes to cycling or just enjoy taking a nice bike ride, something that should not be ignored is stretching. Stretching is a smart and safe thing to do before do anything athletic. It prevents the chances that you will suffer from any type of injury.

So in this next tutorial, you'll find out how to perform four great stretches before you embark on a bike ride. So pay attention, get nice and limber, and enjoy!

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Excellent tips and very well explained. The only thing I do not have is the park but I will try to find a nice place to stretch. Thanks a lot.

Now I can say that I have applied them to my cycling exercise and they are fantastic although not as easy as it seems in your video. Do you know any exercise for the neck and shoulders to ease the tension after a long ride?, would be most than useful to me. Thanks a lot for sharing this video.

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