How To: Recover a stolen bike

Recover a stolen bike

You love your bike and it was stolen. Although, this is not a good scenario, you still may be able to retrieve it. Sketch the serial number or means of identification into the bike and then when it is stolen you can really get the word out to all the places that it might turn up.

If you find that expensive bicycle suddenly missing, this guide will help you recover your two-wheeled friend quickly and safely.

You Will Need

* The bike's serial number
* A photo of the bike
* An official police report
* A flyer
* A computer with internet access
* An etcher (optional)

Step 1: Retrieve serial number

Retrieve your bike's serial number from the owner's manual or from the shop where you bought the bike. Find a recent photo, too.

If your bike does not have a serial number, etch your I.D. or driver's license number somewhere on the bike.

Step 2: File a police report

Call and file a police report to create an official record of the stolen bike. Get copies of the paperwork.

Don't wait. The sooner you can get the word out, the better chance there is of recovering your property.

Step 3: Pass out flyers

Pass out flyers with the serial number and a picture of the bike in the area where it was stolen, including used bike stores and pawn shops.

Step 4: Post online

Post all the information about your stolen bike on social networking sites and tell friends and family members as soon as possible.

Step 5: Monitor internet and garage sales

Monitor online auction sites as well as garage sales in the area. If you see your bike, call the police immediately.

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