How To: Remove bike handlebar grips

Remove bike handlebar grips

With a few easy steps you can remove the handlebars from your bike to change the grips, for maintenance or for whatever other reason you might want handlebars off of a bike. Now you'll never have to suffer though old handlebar grips again.

Remove your handlebar grips in just a few minutes with these tips.

You Will Need

* Flathead screwdriver
* Spray lubricant
* Rubbing alcohol
* Air compressor
* Utility knife (optional)

Step 1: Remove plugs

Remove the handlebar plugs first. Then loosen the brake and shift levers and slide them toward the middle of the bar.

If you are not going to reuse the grip, cut it off with a utility knife.

Step 2: Slide screwdriver

Slide the screwdriver between the end of the grip and the handlebar and life up the grip. Then squirt a liberal amount of spray lubricant or rubbing alcohol into the space between.

Step 3: Wiggle grip

Wiggle and pull the grip out and away from the handlebar. Use an air compressor under the grip if you're unable to get it off.

Step 4: Install new grips

Install your new grips. Slide them over the handlebars the same way you slid the old ones off.

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