How To: Remove the rear wheel from your bike

Remove the rear wheel from your bike

Don't know how to take that rear wheel off of your bike? Is the chain making things difficult? Check out this instructional cycling video that demonstrates how to remove your rear wheel if you have to change your bike tire or fix a flat. This is a VERY BASIC and non-technical tutorial for the absolute beginner who has never taken their rear-wheel off before. It will just make life easier. Sure, you can muddle through it your first time and curse the chain as to why it's being belligerent into not coming off of the rear cassette. You can even get real greasy and dirty by messing around with the process in an unreasonable amount of time. I'm sure you will figure out how to do it efficiently given a few tries. But why? Just follow these simple instructions to remove your rear wheel:
Removing your rear wheel

1. Shift so that your chain is on the smallest sprocket on the cassette and also on the smallest chainring.
2. Loosen your brake calipers so that the tire can escape from the brake pads. This will depend on the type of brakes you have.
3. Loosen the nuts to the rear axle or use the quick-release levers if your bike has them. Pull the bike wheel out of the drop-out (this may face forward, down or to the rear depending on your bike).
4. There should be enough slack in the chain to easily remove it from the sprockets.

Remove the rear wheel from your bike

Remove the rear wheel from your bike Click through to watch this video on

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