How To: Steal a bike in New York City

Steal a bike in New York City

This may sound like a terrible thing to show you how to do, but the Neistat Brothers are simply victims of bicycle theft who got fed up. They use their own bikes to show you how to steal a bike in NYC (in broad daylight) so hopefully you can learn from them, how to better protect your ride.

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Crazy stuff...

Born and raised in New York City. Most ppl don't use a regular chain because they're so easy to break. The two most common ways I've seen and heard about is 1) inserting a metal rod or pipe through the weak link and twisting it, and 2) using CO2 or frion, freezing then tapping the chain with a hammer till it breaks.This is the reason many bike locks have a thick, rubberized casing btw. Second, no one locks their front tire (ALWAYS LOCK THE BACK ONE). Third, Most bike owners in NYC remove their seat and their front tire, and take them. No way is 100% fool-proof, but I guarantee if you get a Kryptonite rubberized U-lock, lock the BACK tire, remove the front tire AND the seat, most crooks will pass your bike by in search for an easier target.

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