News: Bicycle of Death (Yes, That's a Flamethrower)

Bicycle of Death (Yes, That's a Flamethrower)

The BOND Bike (Built Of Notorious Deterrents) is a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with a flamethrower, caterpillar track, ejector seat and ski blade, the one of a kind bicycle was designed by a UK bike insurer as an advertising schtick to address the most common complaints reported by cyclists. Apparently the most prevalent concerns are:

  • cars passing way too close (hence the flamethrower handlebar device)
  • poor road conditions, such as potholes (this is where the all-terrain caterpillar track comes in handy)
  • bicycle theft ("the bike is fitted with an ejector seat to catch out any thief that gets past a conventional lock")
  • cold weather conditions (problem solved, just interchange your front wheel with a ski blade)

Sorry, this bike isn't for sale.. but maybe you've been duped into buying bicycle insurance!

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