News: DIY Contortionist-Cycle

DIY Contortionist-Cycle

Finally, a well designed solution to studio-style living. The Contortionist bicycle.

London-native Dominic Hargreaves, unhappy with the available options, designed this folding bike himself (true DIY spirit).

"I couldn't find a folding bicycle I liked. I wanted something that could take a bit of punishment and that you could have fun with. So I made one myself."

Dominic's bike is the ultimate bender and can survive quite a bit of punishment. It's rugged enough for the road and compact enough for the abode.

DIY Contortionist-Cycle

DIY Contortionist-Cycle

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What propels it forward when pedaled? I don't see a sprocket or chain...

I think it's just a proof of concept.... Doesn't look like it has a chain, so I don't think you can actually ride it. Here's the video from the guy's site:

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