News: Two Girls, One Bike (watch this and weep, all BMX'ers)

Two Girls, One Bike (watch this and weep, all BMX'ers)

Watch your back, Danny MacAskill, these fräuleins sure know how to maneuver a bicycle.

Whew! Ladies. Shwesters, in fact. (Sisters).

Carla. Henriette. Impressive, impressive cycling.

European Junior Championships Indoorcycling, 2009. Carla Hochdorfer, Henriette Hochdorfer: Artistic Cycling Junior Womens Pair, European Champions 2009, 2008.

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ma come cavolo fanno!!!They are very good!it's almost impossible to do that

Wow! The talent they have - it's simply amazing. And to do this with 2 people, not running into each other - in perfect synchronism! Bravo!

That's incredible. I wonder if they have any other super powers?

Wow thats one of the most impressive displays of skill i`ve ever seen!!!!!!!!

I think cirque du soleil found their next act.


Incredible. How come we don't have crazy sports like this here in the States?

super fantastic exciting to watch. Go Deutschlanders!

This is really a breath taking, show ! i wonder how can we manage a show like this in Saudi Arabia.

Bicycle dancing!! I've seen kids do tricks with their small bikes but this is amazing!! Perhaps future olympic sports?

I tried to do some of those tricks when i was younger and now I cannot have children

thats easy i can do that i showed them to do it

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