News: Fancy Bike Folds Into Handy Tote Bag

Fancy Bike Folds Into Handy Tote Bag

I'd take one of these:

Fancy Bike Folds Into Handy Tote Bag

"Wallpaper commissioned a bike, two in fact, that could be broken down (using very clever and super-sturdy S&S couplers), packed in a bespoke bag and loaded on a plane, with no excess baggage charge, and taken with us wherever we went. The project pulled in a wide range of craftsmen collaborators from the US, UK and Japan - frame builders, designers, paint specialists, saddle makers, leather carvers and bag and luggage makers - to ensure that every element of the bike was as beautifully put together as it could be.

Fancy Bike Folds Into Handy Tote Bag

The two frames were handcrafted in Osaka by 71-year old master frame builder Shuichi Kusaka of US-Japanese operation Kinfolk, the rising stars of bespoke bike building."

In the edition of two, the first bike is priced at £2,450 ($3800) and the second at £3,000 ($4650). That's a hefty sum, but if you're interested, email Wallpaper.

Other amazing bikes:

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