How To: Load a bicycle onto a bus rack

Load a bicycle onto a bus rack

Sometime we can't ride our bike everywhere and we need need to take public transportation. This instructional how-to video shows you how load your bicycle onto a bus rack. Follow along and learn the proper way to ride the public transportation with your bike.

Step 1: Make sure all items on your bike are secure.
Step 2: Signal the bus driver that you are going to load your bike.
Step 3: Squeeze the handle and release the latch. Lower the rack.
Step 4: Load your bike facing to the front or back as instructed on the rack.
Step 5: Raise the support arm over the front tire as high as it will go, but not over the frame or fender.
Step 6: Have a seat where your bicycle is in view.
Step 7: Tell the bus driver you are going to be unloading the bike before your stop.

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